Vibhav Kant Upadhyay

Chairman, ADO | Founder Chairman, GPS

Vibhav Kant Upadhyay is a development leader known for his statesmanship, macro-vision and pragmatism. A prolific out-of-the-box thinker, Vibhav strongly believes that the current development model needs a foundational change and has dedicated his life towards manifesting this thought process into visible and tangible results through the Alternative Development Model (ADM).

Vibhav successfully established the India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP) initiative and is therefore, widely regarded as the architect of the modern India-Japan relationship. With relentless persuasion, he has nurtured and strengthened the strategic relationship between the two nations. This has led to mega-initiatives like the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), which was formed to re-establish the industrial culture of India.

He is now focusing his efforts on establishing the ADM and forming unique model of Global Strategic Partnership led by India, Japan and Norway. Under this model, the collaborative strengths and resources of Global Partners are utilised to empower not just the developed but the developing nations too.

Vibhav is the Founding Chairman of the Alternative Development Organization (ADO) in Oslo, Norway which is the headquarters of the ADM movement. The organisation will take forward seminal, innovative initiatives to establish ADM around the world. The Global Blockchain Organisation (GBO) and African Development Organization (AFDO) are the first two initiatives which are already underway.

Vibhav focuses on ethos of contributory, inclusive and accessible development, championing the cause of a common man. His initiatives have led to thousands of projects creating opportunities, employment and vibrant economy. He is also the Chairman of India Center Foundation (ICF) and Founder Chairman of Global Partnership Summit (GPS), a platform to take forward the Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework and initiatives based on it by manifesting unique ideas into tangible outcomes by empowering G2G, G2B and B2B interaction.

Vibhav was born in Agra, India. He has a Post-Graduate degree from the revered University of Allahabad. He has a second Post-Graduate degree from the University of Tokyo, TRON laboratory headed by Prof. Ken Sakamura. Vibhav is prolific in Japanese language besides Hindi and English.

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